Annie & Alice, by Nerise Davis.

My Story

Sewing, design and textiles have always been at the centre of my life. Now, after thirty-plus years in the clothing industry, I’m bringing my knowledge and experiences into focus through Annie & Alice. 

My love for sewing began as a child, when I would spend my afternoons observing my Nan sewing and mending clothes for the family. Eventually I would go on to help her with this task and soon after I was begging to use my Mother's sewing machine. From this introduction to needle and thread, my interest in sewing quickly developed into an obsession in my early teenage years, motivated by my desire to make and wear the most fashionable clothes.

This led to my first job in a clothing factory in at the age of seventeen, where I was thrilled by the fast pace of industrial sewing machines. During this time, I began dressmaking after work and as a result, I produced my first wedding dress for a client at the age of nineteen. Importantly, throughout this time I met some wonderful women, who mentored me and shared their knowledge and experience with me; a role that I’m now delighted to be stepping into myself.  


I continued dressmaking and made numerous wedding dresses, garments and owned a successful sportswear and swimwear line before going on to study fashion and design. I have since had a long and rewarding career working in sewing, design and Garment Technology for labels such as Witchery, Country Road, Myer and Quicksilver, as well as driving boutique business endeavours through design and dressmaking. 

Throughout my career, I’ve seen many techniques and trends come and go and, as we all know, circle back again. Despite my extensive experience across three decades, I never fall out of love with the change in seasons—seeing new collections presented in the latest Couture fashion shows always inspires me to explore the techniques used; to trace and locate the current runway expressions through the history of fashion. 

Annie & Alice is a home for my values and understanding of clothing and fashion to come together, through fabric sourcing, making garments and sharing knowledge in my sewing school. Annie & Annie brings these experiences together into a label that focuses on care, sustainability and personal expression.

Annie & Alice is named after my maternal and paternal Grandmothers, Annie Weston and Alice Davis, respectively.